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About Us

Elemental Enzymes is a life sciences company focused on generating cutting edge solutions, ranging from organic solutions to biotechnological advances. We use newly patented technologies and the latest scientific advancements to assist our customers in overcoming their challenges or creating new market opportunities. Through the use of our patented VersaShield® stabilization platform and other scientific breakthroughs, we develop biological products, stabilized enzymes, proteins, peptides and specialty chemicals that can address key market needs. Elemental Enzymes strives to bring new innovative ideas to market through its partnerships and is open to developing Elemental solutions for our customers.


Our Values


Discover: We identify industry opportunities and collaborate with our clients to develop solutions that enhance their current products or design new products that add value for them and their customers.


Innovate: We solve complex agricultural problems and explore potential pathways to achieve our customers’ goals.


Deliver: Using the latest scientific discoveries, we provide customized, patentable technology to address our customers’ and industries’ needs.



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