Market Segments



Our VersaShield® technology, our Elemental Solutions, and our Customized Product Development are efficient and versatile solutions that allow stabilized enzymes, proteins, peptides, chemicals, and microbes to be applied across various industries, crops, agriculture markets, and entry points. The application methods can include:


  • Seed treatment
  • In-furrow soil treatment
  • Foliar application
  • Fertilizer impregnation
  • Irrigation delivery
  • Herbicide safening
  • Germination enhancement


Beyond Agriculture


Elemental Enzymes is currently developing a range of products for introduction into a variety of marketplaces and industries, including animal health, waste remediation, water and soil treatment, carbon capture, fracking and biofuels. The cost-effective production of our ultra-stable enzymes and our expanding product portfolio allows us to enter new marketplaces where biological actives were previously not an option due to their environmental instability or high cost.



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