Keeps crops in production mode, not survival mode.


Heat stress management is crucial to any operation’s success, now more than ever. The USDA predicts a 15% increase in warmer nights and extended periods between rainfall events for much of the corn belt.


90% of arable land encounter heat and drought stress on an annual basis. 46% of arable land encounters heat and drought stress annually multiple times throughout the growing season.


Heat stress can result in many problems, including:

  • Reduced ear initiation and grain fill
  • Less biomass (smaller leaf, stem, flower)
  • Reduced yields


Envigor™ slows down plant collapse over time under heat stress. Envigor’s Water-Flux™ Technology offers three modes of action to help plants better manage and efficiently utilize available water.

  • Increases water retention
  • Increases plant efficiency
  • Maintains photosynthesis and growth
  • Provides essential compounds that combat abiotic stress, keeping plants in high-yielding productive mode longer
  • Positively impacts ear initiation, biomass and minimizes kernel abortion leading to higher yields


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