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Elemental Enzymes’ patented VersaShield® technology platform optimizes the production and stability of enzymes, proteins, and peptides to provide season-long benefits.

We utilize our diverse expertise, cutting edge technologies, and vast biological library to address key industry needs.



Elemental Enzymes creates unique products designed to be administered to target crops through a variety of mechanisms. We have successfully developed products to be delivered to the plant through seed treatment, soil applications, in-furrow applications, fertilizer impregnation, broadcast, side-dressed, and through irrigation lines. This flexibility around delivery of our products allows for expansion of product lines to adapt to regional farming practices and provide our season long benefits to all types of farming operations.



Each Elemental Solution is designed and developed to provide commercial benefit to the farmer. Product performances that have been demonstrated to date include germination enhancement, yield boosts, early vigor, plant protection and resistance, increased plant growth, resistance to herbicides, and specific key attributes that Elemental Solutions have been developed to treat or enhance.



VersaShield®, as well as Elemental Enzymes' novel biological library, has had substantial reach among the vast majority of commercial crops and targets tested to date. Key tests have proven positive yield or plant responses in corn, soybean, wheat, sorghum, canola, sunflower, potatoes, turf, and many others plants.



Elemental Enzymes is dedicated to producing high quality products for its clients. These products have been tested in numerous instances, both in the laboratory and field environments. The significant impact Elemental Enzymes’ products have on crop yields and in other applications are illustrated in our results section.



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