Managing crop residue, enhancing yield and field productivity.


Why choose Res+?

Res+ has distinct components that make it critical for residue degradation.


Crop reside degradation requires several steps to completely break down residue and return key nutrients back to the soil.

  • Ample microbial growth – establish base population that degrades residue
  • Temperature and moisture – work to increase degree and speed at which soil microbes grow


Res+ facilitates these steps through the use of a dual action humectant, which sticks Res+ to the residue and retains moisture. Both actions promote rapid degradation of the residue by native microbes. The ideal combination of moisture retention with key nutrients allows for the microbes to quickly coat and thrive on the field residue.


Other benefit Res+ brings in breaking down residue are the types of microbes present and the Carbon: Nitrogen Ratio of the residue. Optimal placement of the three nitrogen sources in Res+ leads to an increase in three key microbial populations; these populations work together to degrade residue. The precise nutrient content Res+ allows the microbes to thrive up to the point that they run out of carbon, which forces them to focus on degrading the residue to achieve more carbon.


The combination of these factors allows Res+ to reduce residue in fields, and create more fruitful and effective crops in the subsequent years.



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