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VersaShield® is a proprietary platform for stabilizing biological compounds including enzymes, proteins and peptides for production and delivery into harsh industrial or environmental conditions.


Common free enzymes can be an inexpensive solution; however, they are
often less stable without a covalent attachment to a compound and often do

not provide long lasting benefits. In many applications, these free enzymes
are not able to withstand a broad range of environments or soil pH levels.
Free enzymes are produced by fermentation and may also require purification.
A second solution, standard coupled enzymes, have increased stability
because of the chemical attachment linking the enzyme to a stable compound.
However, this solution is more costly because of the cost of the polymer or
stabilization molecule and the cost of the additional chemistry required to
make the covalent bond to attach the enzyme.


VersaShield® enzymes and proteins are stable, long-lasting, and cost effective. Our technology is a combination tethering and stabilizing process that uses a single-step batch fermentation to make and attach enzymes to a resilient protein scaffold. By creating a one-step production and purification process, development time and costs are reduced. The versatility of VersaShield® enables it to be applied to a wide variety of biological actives including enzymes, proteins or peptides.



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