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We improve AG from the ground up. We bring innovative, cross-disciplinary scientific solutions to complex problems impacting commercial agriculture. We create enzyme, peptide and natural solutions that improve plant health, performance and yield.

Our solutions center around products and processes applied through seed treatment, in-furrow soil treatments, foliar applications, tree injection, fertilizer impregnation and fertigation.

We are integral ingredients in globally branded seed treatments and fertilizer enhancements and have developed proprietary products for some of the largest AG manufacturers and retailers in the United States and for the world. We exist to make the impossible possible – from the ground up.


Elemental Enzymes is proud to have gotten its start in the MU Life Science Incubator. Now holding 17 agriculture patents with field research stations in four cities, including one in Australia, the Elemental team continues to grow. This is in a large part due to our strong beginnings – with an emphasis on research at MU. We are grateful for our roots and look forward to seeing all of the fledgling companies which rise in part due to the incredible support and resources at MU. Read more here.


We believe in strong, effective AG input solutions that tread lightly on the environment and surrounding ecosystem • We believe in hard work and practical progress, grounded in science and proven in the field • We value proactivity and reward curiosity • We are persistent and unwavering in our pursuit of success • We believe there is a solution waiting to be discovered for almost every problem no matter how complex • We believe the impossible is always possible


Brian Thompson, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Katie Thompson, Ph.D.
Chief Operations Officer

Ashley Siegel, Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer

Michelle Leslie, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist

Jörg Augustin, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist

Jay Baumohl
Chief Financial Officer

Guy Perriman
Global Business Development Lead

Keith Reding, Ph.D.
Vice President of Regulatory Affairs

Jeff Kammermeyer
U.S. Commercial Lead

Erica LaMontagne, PhD
Research Scientist

Elsa Smith, aPHR
Human Resources Manager


Our products and processes can be grouped into six distinct categories:

1. Disease Prevention & Treatment: These are biochemical pesticide products that work to treat and prevent a broad range of diseases across many crops and can be applied by a number of different delivery methods. These solutions leverage peptides, with direct action to trigger an immune response in the plant. Some examples include Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) and Asian Soybean Rust in soybean crops and Huanglongbing, also known as HLB or citrus greening disease currently devastating the USA and global citrus industry.

2. Nutrient Efficiency: These are non-pesticidal enzyme products designed to improve plant nutrient uptake by converting unavailable forms of nutrients into forms that the plant can uptake.  

3. Carbon Kickstart: These are another class of non-pesticidal enzyme products that kickstart the native soil microbiota into action. Soil microbes produce enzymes to catalyze key reactions in the soil to provide nutrients to the crop. The Carbon Kickstart class targets 5 different carbon sources in the soil that can be broken down to foster root growth and for use by the native soil microbes.

4. Osmotic Stress Prevention & Remediation: These are naturally occurring biochemical products that work to prevent or reverse osmotic stress in plant cells by increasing water retention and providing protein stabilization. They can be used to supplement other Elemental Enzymes products used in soil and foliar applications for improved crop nutrition and to prevent disease.5. Soil Health & Remediation: This product set leverages enzymes to degrade harmful soil contaminants. Enzymes can be used to degrade a number of chemistries such as Dicamba in tanks for that additional peace of mind.

6. Animal Health: Enzymes catalyze hundreds of reactions in the body. Some can be used to target against toxins to suppress disease and immune stimulation.


We specialize in enzyme, peptide, protein, and biological chemistry solutions that contribute to plant health, yield and profitability.

This proprietary process significantly improves enzyme, peptide or protein stability and effectiveness while being more cost-effective than alternative solutions. Read more.

WaterFlux® is an Osmotic Stress Prevention & Remediation. Read more.

Vismax, formerly known as Falcon, is the first truly effective product for Citrus Greening. It is a disease prevention and treatment, also with proven efficacy for Asian Soybean Rust, Sclerotinia, and other crop diseases. Read more.

Res+ is a novel patented technology that kick-starts enzyme activity to significantly improve soil health and fertility. Read more.



Our rapidly growing St. Louis-based team is looking for energetic, challenge-driven staff to continue support of current products and lead its’ innovative pipeline to market. We are a true life sciences company that discovers, develops and produces innovative products to increase crop yields. Elemental Enzymes was founded in 2011 on technology to make and stabilize novel enzymes and has grown to address the agriculture market with enzyme and chemical technologies that have an “outside in” approach to address crop needs. We hope you will join us in delivering world-class products to top agricultural companies through license and sales opportunities.


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