Science, the way
nature intended

Mother Nature knows best.
We take what nature knows
and amplify it — for better plants
and better soil. Science; amplified
sustainability. That's Elemental.

Acres, amplified

Our integrated bio-amplifiers deliver science for sustainable soil and healthy plants.
Using proprietary and patented technology, we target essential soil and plant health through
enzyme, peptide and biochemistry solutions — adding bio-benefits without adjusting the grower's
day-to-day. We are legacy innovators, with a persistent curiosity to find solutions easily
implemented within existing systems.

A scalable sustainability pipeline of proprietary bio-amplifiers continues to evolve
partner opportunities to deliver more value in the field.

An Elemental mission

Elemental Enzymes was founded to change the world of agriculture by using
the best that nature has to offer to sustainably meet the needs of growers
worldwide. From drought and heat stress to disease mitigation and fertilizer
use efficiency, we excel at developing effective and sustainable agriculture
solutions through our patented, novel technologies designed by our
highly experienced research team. This combination of customer-centric
focus and scientific dedication has allowed Elemental Enzymes to partner
with the biggest agriculture suppliers in the world.