Enzymes: a Catalyst for Change

When we think about all of the essential ingredients necessary to support life, enzymes are often biology’s unsung heroes.

These molecules are responsible for enabling and accelerating the chemical reactions that take place in cells. Among the many fascinating facts about enzymes is that these molecules are highly specialized. In general, enzymes play a wide range of functions including fueling the metabolism of organisms yet, each type of enzyme has a dedicated role in driving a specific reaction.

While enzymes have literally been with us since the genesis of life, they represent a relatively new advancement as an agricultural input capable of positively impacting plant health, nutrition and yield.

Despite the broad benefits enzymes can bring to agriculture, historically the nature of agricultural inputs have limited an enzyme’s ability to thrive and function.

VersaShield® from Elemental Enzymes is a patented process that enables enzymes, peptides and proteins to be more stable which, in turn, has enabled performance and consistency on par or better than alternative more traditional hard chemistry inputs.

Through extensive testing, Elemental Enzymes has produced and stabilized enzymes to catalyze reactions for, or near, a plant enabling plants to more naturally fight disease and deliver greater yield. These yield generating enzymes work in the soil providing more nutrients to the plant. Because enzymes are biologicals, they provide a safe targeted solution for farmers.

Another strong benefit for enzyme-based agricultural inputs is the fact enzymes play well with others including fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides.

There are literally thousands of enzymes harnessing the power of catalyzing more biological reactions for the plant – and along with this are countless opportunities to solve many of our planet’s toughest challenges for producing more food with fewer resources and deploying more effective and sustainable solutions to mitigate climate change.

Elemental Enzymes