Saving the American Breakfast One Tree at a Time

By  Brian Thompson PhD.

Two eggs over easy, a side of sausage, coffee and a tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Or, maybe a bowl of your favorite cereal, Saturday morning cartoons with a tall cold glass of OJ. This is the scene played out over and over again at diners and kitchen tables across the country.

Yet, as we savor each sip of sunshiny goodness, most of us are completely unaware that citrus greening is literally killing the U.S. citrus industry. This disease is impacting approximately three quarter of a million acres of citrus groves across the country and costing the growers almost $9B a year – with the necessity of passing these costs on to consumers at the supermarket; at least as long as there is still supply to be sold.

However, before the industry is literally squeezed to a pulp, Elemental Enzymes has hope for a solution.

We are currently field-testing a solution extensively in Florida – a patent-pending biochemical pesticide containing a proprietary peptide and delivering broad-spectrum action and powerful bactericide/fungicide actions. 

The treatment, which we’ve named Vismax®, can be applied as a foliar spray or trunk injection and, to date, has shown a significant decrease in the bacteria responsible for citrus greening and a significant increase in flush and yield with an exceptional response rate well surpassing current in-market treatment options.

If trials continue to show the kind of promise we’ve seen to date it could translate to a $200M annual impact in juice and fruit production for Florida alone.

So, let’s raise a (piece) of toast and take a long refreshing drink of icy cold orange juice with your next breakfast – because help for the All-American breakfast is on the way.

Elemental Enzymes