Carbon Kickstart

Res+ is a novel patented technology that kick-starts enzyme activity to significantly improve soil health and fertility. Res+ releases digestible energy from complex soil structures. It is effective with three distinct modes of action: 1) Cold-Adapted Glycoside Hydrolase is a powerful catalyst for degrading plant material such as cellulose to glucose. 2) Humectant, the second mode of action, enhances dry condition microbial growth. And 3) optimal nutrient blend feeds residue-degrading microbes. Res+ soil applied enzymes deliver more chemistry performance delivering a consistent increase in corn yield.

A specialty broadcast fertilizer for preseason nutrient return to the soil: Kickstarts the enzyme activity in soil to allow for new crops to grown in healthier, more fertile grounds.

Residue Mode of Action: a residue-degrading enzyme combined with a chelated nutrient package providing soluble nutrients that feed microbes and fungi for optimal degradation. A Humectant is added to lock in moisture, speeding up the natural degradation of residue.

Delivery Methods: broadcast application with preferred carrier, water or UAN.

Current Use Rate: 16 oz. per acre for row crops, 32 fl. oz. for specialty.

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